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PARENTS CAN DO a lot to help their child come into the dentist’s office feeling relaxed and positive. Our team will make this first dental visit pleasant. We love children and are here to help your child build healthy oral hygiene habits. Here is a cheat sheet to make help make this experience easier.

Start early

As soon as a child has teeth, they can benefit from dental care, and the earlier they see the dentist, the easier it is to build a trusting relationship. Our dental team will give you helpful hints to build healthy hygiene habits with your young child. Starting these visits and empasizing oral hygiene at a young age will set your child up for success.

Play pretend

Pretending to have a dentist office at home will allow you to explain what will happen if the child is very young. Parents can take the role of the dentist and help them see the first dental visit experience as fun and interesting rather than scary. Kids can take the next step and pretending with playdough. Pretending to clean teeth and use the tools can help to make visiting the dentist a fun experience.

Talk about what to expect

For older children, a basic explanation will go a long way. Talk about visiting the dentist as something very normal and important for their teeth rather than leaving it as a mystery. Explain why you go to the dentist and how often you go. It’s even important to discuss with your child how he or she will lose their baby teeth and gain their adult teeth. Your child needs to understand this is all normal.

Make dental hygiene a priority

Kids who already know how much brushing and flossing matter will have an easier time appreciating the dentist. When you talk about taking care of your teeth, explain to your children that eating lots of sugar like cookies, candy, and fruit juice can lead to cavities. Yes, fruit juice is part of that group. Encourage your children to make smart choices about the sweets they do consume. It’s always important to brush your teeth but it’s especially important after eating or drinking sweets.

Meet and greet the dentist

Schedule a time to meet the dentist before the first dental visit appointment. If the dentist isn’t a stranger on check-up day, the experience will be much less stressful. Let your child understand the equipment that the dentist will be wearing as his or her face might not be fully visible during dental exams. The same goes for the unfamiliar environment of the dental office.

Be there for support

No amount of information can replace the reassuring presence of a loved and trusted adult. Stay close by during the first dental visit. If your child is uneasy at all, continue to stay close by during the next few visits. Offer encouragement and help your child feel safe.

We look forward to meeting your child for the first time!

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Morristown Pediatric Dentistry provides dental services for children and adolescents in the Lakeway Area. We strive to provide a fun, caring, and child-friendly environment. We are here to help your children form healthy oral hygiene habits and help them take care of their teeth. We are conveniently located in the heart of Morristown at 950 West 1st North Street. To make an appointment with one of Morristown Pediatric Dentistry’s doctors, please call: 423-581-1877.

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